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This database of the ICPDR contains the following datasets:

  • TransNational Monitoring Network (TNMN): The main objective of the TNMN is to provide a structured and well-balanced overall view of pollution and long-term trends in water quality and pollution loads in the major rivers in the Danube River Basin.
    The TNMN monitoring network is based on national surface water monitoring networks and includes 79 monitoring locations with up to three sampling points across the Danube and its main tributaries river. The minimum sampling frequency is 12 times per year for chemical determinands in water and twice a year for biological parameters.
    More general information and publications of the TNMN
  • Joint Danube Survey 2001 (JDS1): The Joint Danube Survey 2001 has been carried out by the ICPDR and as a homogenous analysis of the water quality and the ecological status of the Danube River.
    More general information and publications of the JDS1
  • Joint Danube Survey 2007 (JDS2): Its goal was to produce comparable and reliable information on water quality and pollution for the Danube and some tributaries.
    More general information and publications of the JDS2
  • Joint Danube Survey 2013 (JDS3): It pursued three main objectives:
    • To collect information on parameters not covered in the ongoing monitoring
    • To have data that is readily comparable for the entire river because it comes from a single source
    • To promote the work of the ICPDR and raise awareness for water management

    Please note that JDS3 data is partly still being processed and will be made available as soon as possible.

    More general information and publications of the JDS3

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